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Customizing iRejectTrash

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Blocking Rules

iRejectTrash comes provided with pre-stated blocking rules so no additional configuration is required to use it. These rules come in nonencrypted readable format so you can overwrite the settings provided by default for fine adjustment of your needs.

  • Block cookies

  • By default, iRejectTrash blocks every attempt to store cookies on your computer except for those Web Sites listed in the "Trusted Sites" list. Unchecking this checkbox allows Web Sites to use cookies with no restriction.

  • Block Popups

  • By default, iRejectTrash blocks attempts to open popup windows when you surf the Internet except for those Web Sites listed in "Trusted Sites" list. Unchecking this checkbox allows Web Sites to open a popup window with no restriction.

  • Check outgoing HTTP Requests

  • Sometimes web designers use JScript to get around Ad blocking programs. This makes it hard to identify adjustable content on visited Web Pages. Controlling outgoing HTTP Requests will help to identify attempts to download adware content. Unchecking this checkbox will not allow iRejectTrash to control outgoing HTTP Requests.

  • Replace referrer

  • By default, iRejectTrash replaces Referrer with the text provided in the corresponding window except for those Web Sites listed in the "Trusted Sites" list. Unchecking this checkbox allows your Web Browser to send Referrers with no restriction.

    Blocking cookies and referrers increases your privacy but some Web Sites, for example Web Based e-mail services, require cookies to work properly. In this case, add the Web Site to the "Trusted Sites" list. iRejectTrash already has pre-stated rules for Hotmail and Yahoo e-mail services.

    Filter: You can review the whole list of rules in chronological order or only a particular type of rule.

    Use "Add new", "Edit" and "Delete" buttons located on the bottom of the window to edit the list.

    To enter a web site's name you can use either the absolute name, like, or the template, like * , where the "*" symbol replaces any literal sequence.

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    Proxy Settings

  • Listening TCP/IP port

  • This setting controls the TCP/IP port on which iRejectTrash listens for connections. By default it is 4128. You should restart iRejectTrash if you change TCP/IP port number.

  • Forward to Proxy Server

  • If you were already using an HTTP proxy server or firewall before installing iRejectTrash, you should instruct iRejectTrash to use that proxy server as the next-hop proxy server by entering the proxy name and port into the corresponding fields.

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