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Logs Files

You can use the "Logs Files" menu to get detailed information about Internet resources used by your Web Browser. Such information might be the history of pages that have been visited from your computer or list of ads blocked by iRejectTrash.

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HTTP Requests

On this page you will find the full list of HTTP requests made by your Web Browser including the history of visited Web Sites and retrieved images.

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Blocked Ads

On this page you will find the full list of ads blocked by iRejectTrash as well as the reason for blocking.

In any log files page you can use the following options:

  • Refresh: Use this button to synchronize the information displayed on the screen with the data in the log files.

  • Export: Use this button to export the content of your log file into the comma-separated text file. This is useful when you want to analyze the data, apply an external application, or contact our support team.

  • Clear: Use this button to clear the log file content. At this, all data will be completely deleted and the log files become 1 kilobyte in size.

  • Limit log size: To set up the size limit of the log file (in KB), enter a suitable number into that field. It is recommended to empty this file after changing the size limit by clicking the "Clear" button. By this command, a full deletion of the log files record takes place.

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