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The Internet and the invention of the personal computer are perhaps the most significant creations of the 20th Century, offering unprecedented communication tools that link families and friends around the world. It provides users access to an incredible volume of information and is an invaluable tool of the academic and business world.
However, the Internet has many safety issues associated with it for children and teenagers. Computers as a whole are so attractive to youngsters, that over-use of them can lead to safety issues.

Unfettered access to the Internet can be very detrimental to the mental and even physical development of children. As well as the safety issue of children coming across dangerous people on the Internet, spend time idly on chat sites, downloading music and playing games etc, is more often than not of little educational value to a child, and if a lot of his or her free time is devoted to such activities, he or she is deprived of the necessary stimulus to develop mentally.

Spending too much time behind the computer can also be a computer safety issue. Children lead a much more sedentary lifestyle than in previous generations, and in part this is due to computers. Child obesity is at an all time high. Too much time in front of a computer screen is also harmful to the development of eyesight. One of the possible problems that can arise due to intensive staring into the screen is sight deterioration.

Choronger is a computer safety software program that enables you to minimize the risks inherent in using the Internet, and overusing the computer as a whole. The program works by enabling you to restrict the times that you child can access the computer and the Internet (as well as programs and the CD ROM).

With Chronoger, you will have control over when and how your child can use the computer, and correspondingly, the safety of your child on the computer will be increased.

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Download a Computer Safety software

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