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By Jonathan Stromberg

Last year, in the months of October and November, a survey was conducted by the Pew Internet and American Life Project in Washington, D.C. Results for the survey were gathered from telephone interviews of 1,100 teens and their parents.
According to the results of the nonprofit polling organization's latest survey, an increasing number of parents are using Internet filters; parental control software programs that block access to Web sites of questionable content.

"54% of American families have parental control software installed on their home computers," she says. By Pew's reckoning, that translated into roughly 12 million households.

By contrast, only 41%, or 7 million Net-connected homes, used parental control software in December 2000, says Lenhart. That means there was increase of 65% in the last 4 years in the amount of families using parental control software.

The survey also found out that 72% of parents were worried that their children were spending too much time online; at the expense of more worthwhile activities. 62% are worried that their child will read inappropriate content online, and 58% are concerned that their child will meet strangers online, who will then try to exploit them.

Aside from the use of parental control technology, results from the Pew survey show that U.S. households are trying to follow common sense advice of online home safety; 73 percent of respondents say the family PC is located in a public place inside the home, making it more difficult for teens to conduct illicit online behavior, and 64 percent of those surveyed say they have set specific rules governing time online.

Parents and their siblings experience plenty of disagreements, but one thing that they do agree on is that children and teens are engaging in risky online behavior.
81% of parents and 79% of teens say that teens aren't careful enough when giving out their personal information online, and a near identical number of adults and kids; 65% and 64%, respectively- believe that teens do things online that they wouldn't want their parents to know about.

And there are consequences for such actions. About 3 million teens, or 13% of youth ages 12 to 17 years old, do not use the Internet. Nearly 10% of those kids report being offline because they had "bad experiences," faced parental restrictions or no longer felt safe online.

A complete copy of the survey report, Protecting Teens Online, can be found on the Pew organization's Web site:

Protecting minors from inappropriate material on the Internet is a parental task that still has no perfect solutions, however parental control software programs provide significant assistance to parents who want to keep their children safe. It gives you the ability to prevent your kids from harmful web sites, chat rooms, and programs, whilst still allowing your kids to enjoy the educational and entertaining resources that are available on the web, and accessible though the computer.

As a concerned parent, you can expect to gain many benefits from using parental control software in your home. Some of the benefits care listed as follows:
- Worry less while your kids are online or using the computer when you are away.
- Protect your personal information.
- Know how your kids have been using the computer and restrict it's use.
- Protect your children from being connected by possible online predators.
- Enable your child to get the most out of their computer time.

Monitoring your child's Internet use. Parental control program These are just a few of the many benefits that can be achieved by installing parental control software in your home. A vital weapon in the battle to keep your child's computer use safe and educational, parental control software can be considered as a baby-sitter for your kids when you are not available to oversee their computer and Internet activity. offers a wide range of parental control software products for families, schools and libraries.

The top rated parental control software program iProtectYou is an advanced Internet filtering and monitoring program, essential for parents particularly concerned about the possible negative effects of the Internet on their children.

Complete control over your child’s use of the computer The newest parental control software program, Chronager, enables parents to take complete control over their home computer. With Chronager you can control when and by whom the computer can be used, when particular programs such as games or instant messengers can be accessed, when DVD's can be loaded up, and much more.

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