Pornography Filter from SoftForYou
Pornography Filter from SoftForYou.
Pornography Filter
Pornography Filter
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I am a parent what can Pornography Filter do for me?

Pornography Filter allows you to protect your children from widespread pernicious Internet content. Pornography Filter filters web sites containing pornographic, satanic, extremist, etc. information. Also, Pornography Filter allows you to limit Internet access time and amount of downloaded data to prevent your children from downloading pornographic films or non-licensed software. Moreover, Pornography Filter has a built-in e-mail notification system. It will send you e-mail messages when every banned web site has been visited. You can receive a full copy of your child computer's screen at the moment of blocking.

I have several computers in my home, can I administer all installed copies of Pornography Filter from my computer remotely?

Pornography Filter allows you to perform the remote supervision over all installed copies of the from the single administrator's PC. All changes which will be done on the server, including database update, will be updated on the client computer after synchronization. So the administrator can control all Pornography Filter copies from one computer, avoiding the need to adjust every client's PC separately.

Pornography Filter Key Features

System Requirements for Pornography Filter
Pornography Filter is compatible with all Internet Service Providers, all major Internet related programs, browsers and America On-line.

Pornography Filter Pricing and Upgrade Policy

Pornography Filter Single PC version is available at $34.95.
For Multiple Workstation Licenses Pack please click here.
Free one year program upgrades are available for you after purchasing any Pornography Filter version, including even major new releases. After one year you can upgrade your version of the Pornography Filter for only 50% of the current original price.

Pornography Filter Purchase

You pay only $34.95 to cancel the 14-day time limitation and convert the Trial version of the Pornography Filter application into the full functional version. Please fill in the online security order to make your purchase. Your order will be processed and delivered online within a few seconds. You can get your Serial Number on the page that opens just after submitting your purchase. A return e-mail with your Serial Number will be sent to you within one business day as well.
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Pornography Filter
Download a Free 14-day Trial!

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