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Since its inception at the end of the last century, the Internet has become an ever increasing force in the life of modern children. Unfortunately, it has become so alluring for children, that many spend a great proportion of their free time on it. It is advisable for parents of such children to schedule when it can be used.

There are specific reasons why parents might want to schedule their child's use of the Internet. For younger children, this might be so that they can only have access to it when the parents are at home to keep tabs on what they are viewing.

In this case, and if there is no Internet schedule, meaning that the children can use the Internet whenever they please, they run the risk of coming across the following..

Exposure to Inappropriate Material

One risk is that a child may be exposed to inappropriate material of a sexual or violent nature.

Physical Molestation

Whilst on-line, a child might provide information or arrange an encounter that could risk his or her safety or the safety of other family members. In a few cases, pedophiles have used on-line services and bulletin boards to gain a child's confidence and then arrange a face- to-face meeting.


A third risk is that a child might encounter E-mail or bulletin board messages that are harassing, demeaning, or belligerent.

Chronoger is a software program that enables you to schedule when your children can use the Internet. Simply by marking on a timetable when the Internet can be accessed, you can set up a weekly schedule for your children based on their age and your requirements.

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