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Many Internet sites have contain material of the nature that is unsuitable for children. Such sites can be stumbled upon accidentally, or found without difficulty through search engines.
If the parent does not in some way prevent their child from having free and unfettered access to the Internet, then it is highly likely that the child will come across these sites, even is he or she does not intend to.

There are many reasons for parents to prevent their children from having full access to the Internet. Chat sites are particularly common amongst children, as they offer previously unparalleled opportunities to communicate in real time with people from all corners of the globe.
However, not all of these people are benign. Many people use chat sites to seduce children and adolescents. In fact one in five children who use chat rooms have been approached over the Internet by pedophiles.
With unlimited access, there are unlimited opportunities for a child to be exposed to web sites containing sexual imagery, violence, hostility, extremism and hate in a way that was impossible before the Internet came into common use, and therefore it is vital that parents take control of, and in some way prevent their child from using the Internet as they please.

To prevent their child from having problems on the Internet, many parents have turned to the child protection software programs for assistance.

The control software program Chronoger is useful for parents with children of all ages. This Control software program enables you to set when your children can use the computer, and all of its functions, including the Internet.
Control programs such as this enable you to go away and leave your child alone with the computer, knowing that it will be used in a beneficial way. You can prevent your child from accessing the Internet against your will by setting a timetable for its use, outside of which your child will not be able to access the Internet.

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