Internet addiction

Internet addiction

Internet addiction

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With the growing importance of the Internet in everyday life, more and more people are accessing various on-line resources each day. The World Wide Web is informative, convenient, resourceful, and fun. For some people though; that have an addiction, these benefits are becoming detriments.

Some mental health professionals recognize Internet addiction as a disorder, and are treating it as a dependency that can be as destructive as alcoholism and drug addiction, and Alcoholics Anonymous is considering setting up a separate division of their organization to work with people who have an Internet addiction.

Many children have a from of Internet addiction, which manes that Important social, occupational, or recreational activities are given up or reduced due to the amount of time they spend browsing the web.

There is commercially available software that can assist anybody with such an addiction. With the software program Chronoger, you can set daily time limits for Internet use. You can then set an administrator password so that your child will only be able to use the Internet according to your settings. If an adult has an Internet addiction, he or she can set the daily time limits to a sensible amount of time, and then ask another adult to set the administrator password up so that there will be no way to personally change these settings.

Many people now recognize that Internet addiction is a real problem, and employ a variety of methods to counter it.
Chronoger is a very effective method that you can take with just the click of your mouse button, and it can help you lead a more balanced, well-rounded life.

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Download software against Internet addiction

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