Gaming addiction

Gaming addiction

Gaming addiction

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Gaming has become incredibly popular amongst the youth of the modern generation. As games rapidly develop, so does their ability to captivate the minds of young men and women for hours and hours on end. Many of them are very complicated and take weeks of constant playing to complete. It has all led to a common ailment called 'gaming addiction'.

Gaming addiction can lead to a variety of problems for young people. A child with such an addiction spends too much time playing computer games and using the computer as a whole, and it is detrimental to his or her physical health.
Gaming addiction leads to medical problems such as a crooked posture, which appears as a result of the irregular sitting position in front of a monitor or TV screen. There is a huge percent of children in Junior High and High Schools who have a crooked posture, and practically all of them frequently play computer/video games.

Gaming addiction can lead to problems with social interaction in the long run, and it becomes harder for children to engage in more traditional play and reading.
Research has shown that computers do not replace other highly valued early childhood activities and such as art, blocks, sand, water, books and dramatic play.

There is commercially available software that can assist anybody with gaming addiction. With the software program Chronoger, you can set daily time limits for use programs, the Internet, the Cd Rom and the disk drive, all through which games are accessed.
You can then set an administrator password so that your child will only be able to play games according to your settings.

Many people recognize that gaming addiction is a real problem, and employ a variety of methods to counter it such an addiction. Chronoger is a very effective method that you can take with just the click of your mouse button, and it can help your children to lead a more balanced, well-rounded life.

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Download software against Gaming addiction

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