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Many children today spend a lot of time playing on computer games. It is advisable for parents to control their child's gaming habits.

Too much time playing computer/video games and using the computer as a whole is detrimental to a child's physical health.
Parents such control the gaming habits of their children because, there are many medical problems connected typically to playing computer/video games; such as a crooked posture, which appears as a result of the irregular sitting position in front of a monitor or TV screen. There is a huge percent of children in Junior High and High Schools who have a crooked posture, and practically all of them frequently play computer/video-games.
Another reason to control the gaming habits of children is because children who go gaming a lot frequently complain about the pain in their hands from using the keyboard. Constant repetition of same moves can in time induce damage to joints, and skin irritation.

Parents should control the gaming habits of children as intensive staring into the screen leads to sight deterioration. Hours of watching the monitor (mainly in darkened rooms) which displays rapidly changing pictures can impair sight, and if the player already had a weakened sight, it can only make the situation worse.

Parents have an important role to play. Controlling their child's gaming habits can be done easily by making use of commercially available software.

Chronoger lets you control the hours your children spend gaming by effectively installing into your computer an in-built timetable, onto which you can set when these games can be accessed though the Internet, your CD ROM, or disk drive.

You will then have full control over when your child can go gaming.

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