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Enabling Database Auto-Update

 Screen Shot

It is very important to keep your database up to date; every day the Internet is filled with hundreds of new web sites and many of them will be undesirable. Our search team is continuously working to discover such sites to add them to our database. Due to this update operation, fresh data come to the client's computer where the iProtectYou program has been installed, providing trustworthy protection of your family members against pernicious information.

You can allow the iProtectYou application to establish connection with the server periodically in the automatic mode, or you can do it by yourself manually.

If you use an HTTP proxy server for your Internet connection, you should instruct iProtectYou to use this HTTP proxy server as well.

If you choose auto-update mode, use the "Frequency" box to select the periodicity of the operation.

The iProtectYou Database Auto-update module runs as a Windows Service on Win2000, WinXP, Win2003 and Vista operation systems. This allows database auto-update to be performed even if no user is logged into the system and also if a user is logged out the system.

To update the database manually, use the "Update Now" button. Just after clicking on the button the update will follow.

To cancel the update operation, click on the "Cancel" button.

Please note, you do not need the "database update" feature for the version of the program that does not use any filtration (Sever without filtering version).

      If you connect to the Internet through a proxy server, you should instruct iProtectYou what proxy server name to use for the database update procedure. See the Customizing Proxy Server chapter for more information.
     If you are using a Personal Firewall, you should add the iProtectYou Database Update Module (ipysvr.exe from your Windows System directory) into its Trusted Programs List.

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