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Uninstalling iProtectYou From Your Computer

The uninstalling procedure for the iProtectYou application does not differ from the standard operation to remove a program from the Windows operation system. To remove iProtectYou from your computer, please click on the "Start" button, and then select "Settings" and "Control panel".

In the window opened, select "Add/Remove Programs", push on the "Install/Uninstall" tab, and double click on iProtectYou in the list of installed applications. To prevent uninstallation of the program by non-authorized users, iProtectYou will ask you for your administrator password. The program will be removed after pushing the "Add/Remove" button and entering the password.

Also, to uninstall iProtectYou, you can start the iProtectYou installation (ippro.exe). You will be prompted to uninstall the previous version. You should confirm that.

We recommend you restart the computer just after program removal, as some component of the iProtectYou may be used by the operation system, and will be removed only after restarting.

Contact the SoftForYou support team if you have forgotten the password or have any questions.

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