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Overview of iProtectYou Features

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With iProtectYou Pro, you can:
  • Restrict your family members from visiting Web Sites and News Groups that may contain pernicious information.

  • Block e-mails, online chats, instant messages and P2P connections if they contain inappropriate words.

  • Prevent your private information (credit card number for example) from being sent to the Internet.

  • Set a schedule to specify days and times when on-line activity is allowed.

  • Limit Internet Traffic to a specified amount of data that can be sent or received per user / per day.

  • Decide which programs can have access to the Internet.

  • To forbid the starting of undesirable programs.

  • Get daily e-mail reports with attached log files of your kid's online computer activity.

  • Get real-time notification e-mails with full description of blocked operations and an attached screen-shot of your kid's computer to monitor them remotely.

  • Get detailed information about Internet resources used by your computer:

    • web sites and news groups that have been visited by your computer

    • amount of data that have been sent or received from/to your computer

    • activity of the Internet applications on your computer

  • View the data of log files in the user-friendly form of charts or diagrams.

  • Save on the hard disk all Internet content that has been downloaded or uploaded.

Our multi-user capability allows you to set up different levels of restrictions for each member of your family, depending upon their maturity, interests, habits, and parental control needs.

Free, unlimited database update subscription. The Internet is a continuously changing medium, and a frozen program without an update option cannot provide a long-term solution. Our database update resolves this problem.

With iProtectYou you will get a huge built-in database with pre-selected bad web sites and news groups.

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