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Forbidden Programs List

 Screen Shot

To avoid starting of undesirable programs, you should use the Forbidden Programs List. Add to the list all known programs which are able to delete system services and processes. This feature is one of the means that prevent bypassing iProtectYou.
iProtectYou will terminate all programs from this list.

All Programs in the Forbidden Programs List affect only the group that was selected for adding or editing. In other words, this list are group-dependent. To add a program affecting all user groups, select the "All Users" while adding or editing.

When you open this list, you can see Programs for the selected group of users only. Programs affecting all groups will be displayed at the end of the list. Mark the "Hide All Users" checkbox if you don't want to see Programs affecting all groups.

Use "Add", "Edit" and "Delete" buttons located on the bottom of the window to edit the list.

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