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Inappropriate Words

 Screen Shot

iProtectYou is delivered with a huge embedded (built-in) dictionary of "bad" words and/or phrases that are classified into 15 categories and additionally, they are organized by level of offensiveness.

Any web site, e-mail, chat session, instant message and etc. will be prevented if iProtectYou encounters any "bad" word that belongs to one of the categories and depending on the filtering level determined by the administrator as undesirable. To see more detailed information about the interruption, use the "Log Files" page.

Select the categories you consider unacceptable for use by members of your family by clicking on the "Categories" button.

To select the level, beginning from which the blockage will work, push the "Filtering level" button and mark the level wanted.

To disable the Built-in database, select corresponding groups you do not want to control and unmark the "Enable Built-in database" checkbox. To enable the Built-in database again, use the same checkbox.

To prevent your private information (credit card number for example) from being sent to the Internet, add them to the Inappropriate Words list.

All Inappropriate Words affect only the group that was selected for adding or editing. In other words, these lists are group-dependent. To add an Inappropriate Word affecting all users, select "All Users" while adding or editing.

When you open the Inappropriate Words list, you can see words for the selected group of users only. Inappropriate Words affecting all groups will be displayed at the end of the list. Mark the "Hide All Users" checkbox if you don't want to see Inappropriate Words affecting all groups.

Use the "Add", "Edit" and "Delete" buttons located on the bottom of the window to edit the list.

Every time a "bad" word is filtered, the iProtectYou icon of the system tray near the clock changes its color to red. You can see the whole list of blocked "bad" words in the "Log Files" chapter.

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