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Internet Filtering. Web Sites

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iProtectYou comes with a huge embedded (built-in) database of undesirable sites that are classified into 15 categories.

Select the categories you consider unacceptable for use by members of your family by clicking on the "Categories" button.

To disable the Built-in database, select corresponding groups you do not want to control and unmark the "Enable Built-in database" checkbox. To enable the Built-in database again, use the same checkbox.

To prevent a Web Site in the built-in database from being blocked by iProtectYou, or one that is being blocked due to an inappropriate word, use the "Trusted Web Sites List".

If you discover some Web Site with unacceptable content that is not included in iProtectYou's built-in database, and you would like to block access to this Web Site, use the "Blocked Web Sites List".

iProtectYou also provides verification by template. You can enter some word that may be part of the web site's URL, and iProtectYou will block access to this resource, as if it belongs to the "Blocked Web Sites List". To fill in the template list use the "Web Sites Patterns".

All Web Sites in the Trusted or Blocked Web Sites lists affect only the group that was selected for adding or editing. In other words, these lists are group-dependent. To add a Web Site affecting all users, select "All Users" while adding or editing.

When you open any of these lists, you can see Web Sites for the selected group of users only. Web Sites affecting all groups will be displayed at the end of the list. Mark the "Hide All Users" checkbox if you don't want to see Web Sites affecting all groups.

Use "Add", "Edit" and "Delete" buttons located on the bottom of the window to edit the list.

To enter a web site's name you can use either the absolute name, like, or the template, like * , where the "*" symbol replaces any literal sequence.

Every time a web site is filtered the iProtectYou icon of the system tray near the clock changes its color to red. You can see the whole list of blocked URLs in the "Log Files" chapter.

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