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Sometimes it's very useful for an administrator or a parent to limit the list of programs that have Internet access from your computer. iProtectYou allows you to define the list of permitted programs that can have access to the Internet or the list of restricted programs that must not have Internet access. In fact, the combination of both options is possible as well.

To increase the reliability of this option, iProtectYou checks the program not only by the name of its executable file, but uses the check sum as well, so the verification will occur even in the case of renaming an exe file.

The iProtectYou program does not prevent a program you have entered onto the list from operating locally on your computer, but only makes it impossible for it to have Internet access.

Perhaps you would like for some programs not to be checked when iProtectYou is enabled. This application could be your FTP client, for example. You can enter these programs onto the list "Trusted Programs List". But we recommend you to be careful adding them to the list, as they will not be controlled and their protocol will not be recorded either.

Use the "Blocked Programs List" to define the list of restricted programs that must not have Internet access.

All Programs in the Trusted or Blocked lists affect only the group that was selected for adding or editing. In other words, these lists are group-dependent. To add a Program affecting all user groups, select the "All Users" while adding or editing.

When you open any of these lists, you can see Programs for the selected group of users only. Programs affecting all groups will be displayed at the end of the list. Mark the "Hide All Users" checkbox if you don't want to see Programs affecting all groups.

Use "Add", "Edit" and "Delete" buttons located on the bottom of the window to edit the list.

Every time a program is filtered, the iProtectYou icon of the system tray near the clock changes its color to red. You can see the whole list of blocked programs in the "Log Files" chapter.

Note for an administrator of the Network version:
      When you add a program into the Trusted Programs List, a check sum verifies it. If you have different versions of the program on your server and client computers, the check sums will not match.

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