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Internet filtering solutions for parents, schools, businesses and libraries

Here’s What Our Customers Tell Us…

Fantastic product
I must tell you upfront that I've been very satisfied with my iProtectYou purchase.
You have a fantastic product.

EXCELLENT thank you very much.
You have an excellent product, and just as important - excellent support for your products and I will definitely recommend iprotect to our friends.
Impressed with support and how program works
I am very pleased and impressed with your honesty and efforts to answer my questions.
Your program is perfect. I like it, its easy to use and does everything that I am looking for.
I... really like the Logs and Charts section that I can check into at night to find what sites my children are trying to gain access to, and that the product is prohibiting it... since downloading iProtectYou not once has anyone been able to access these websites. I know they have tried because of the Logs and Charts.

The best
I downloaded IProtectYou over 2 weeks ago. Then I proceeded to download many other filter programs and try them. After trying all of them, I have concluded that your program is the best for my Purposes.
Good program
Hi. I am a network administrator. iP-PRO is very good program.
I had tried 6 different programs, including CyberSitter 9, ParentalControl etc. ... I found iProtectYou to be the most user friendly, the menus self-explanatory and the help files very in depth. You are more than welcome to use the letter on your testimonial page as I find this software excellent, and have no hesitation in sharing my views or recommending the software.
Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the excellent program, which I will be purchasing. Not only do I have peace of mind, but feel confident that the PC can be used by anyone without worrying as to the content being looked at over the net.

Very pleased
Since I purchased iProtectYou I have been very pleased with its performance. If it were only true of other software!
Great product
I appreciate your great product and your support in this effort.
Thanks again! It is businesses like yours that really make the difference in the world.

Good support
As I said, I really appreciate you working hard to help me out. You don't often get this kind of good support with purchased software.
Brilliant software
I would just like to congratulate you on making this brilliant software.
Great filter
Great filter, it seems to be a lot more stable than CyberSitter.
Pleased with performance
So far I'm pretty happy with the iProtectYou software. It definitely blocks sites like it's supposed to. I am also very pleased with your support and your ability to update the software based on my feedback.
Easy To Use
... again, great job on the program - it's very easy to use - I'm impressed...
Best available software
Hopefully you can help me as your software is by far the best available.
EXCELLENT thank you very much.
Putting msn in the 'trusted programs' enables us to read the news pages from msn as well. You have an excellent product, and just as important - excellent support for your products and I will definately recommend iprotect to our friends.
CyberSieve - excellent program
I am all ready to pay for your excellent program. There is NO OTHER FILTER SOFTWARE BETTER THAN CYBERSIEVE, I tried numerous others, believe you me.

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