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Traffic Limits

 Screen Shot

Perhaps you want to limit the amount of data that can be sent or received from/to your computer. CyberSieve allows you to restrict Internet Traffic by setting limitations per user / per day. This feature can be useful, for example, to restrict the ability to download questionable movies, audio files, non-licensed software and other files that can be subject to copyright, or you may just want to limit Internet traffic to avoid overpayment if you pay your ISP for bandwidth.

To activate the Traffic Limits of the CyberSieve program, select the group you want to restrict and check the "Enable Traffic Limits" checkbox. Unchecking this checkbox allows you to turn off this option without losing the entered data.

Traffic Limits is set for entire user group.
Each user spends only his own Internet traffic volume.

      CyberSieve takes into account only actual data that has been sent or received but does not calculate overhead traffic like DNS resolution, ICMP packets, etc. That is why it is possible to have a 10-20% discrepancy between a result that CyberSieve displays and the traffic by your Internet Service Provider.

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