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Timetable for On-Line Activity

 Screen Shot

Perhaps you want to limit Internet access time for your family members to a strictly indicated time period. CyberSieve allows you to set up the time interval when they can have Internet access, or, on the contrary, the time interval when access will be prohibited.

To activate the Internet Timetable of the CyberSieve program, select the group you want to schedule and check the "Enable Timetable" checkbox. Unchecking this checkbox allows you to turn off this option without losing the entered data.

To deny Internet access at certain hours, just click on those hours once to make them red. To enable Internet access at these hours, click them once more. The cell should change its face color from red to green.

By clicking on "Permit All" you can remove all restrictions. By clicking on "Forbid All" you can disable Internet access completely.

The Internet Timetable is independent of the Daily Time Limits and can be set separately. On the other hand, it can be used simultaneously with the Daily Time Limits. In this case, both of these restriction options will work - the Internet Timetable and Daily Time Limits. For example, the Internet connection will be blocked by Internet Timetable settings even though the Daily Time Limit setting allows connection. Also, the Internet connection will be blocked if the Time Limit has been reached, even though the Internet Timetable still allows connection.

If you want to set up a time restriction by total time that a user can connect to the Internet, use the Daily Time Limit panel.

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