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Changing CyberSieve Settings

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  • Changing the Administrator's Password

  • To prevent unauthorized access to the control panel of the CyberSieve program and changing your settings by any other person, you should set up an administrator's password.

    To change the administrator's password, push the "Change" button and enter your new password. Then select a Security Question and your Answer.
    If you forgot your password to be entered when you open a Control Panel or when you are going to uninstall the program, click the "Forgot" button in the "Enter Password" pane. If you forgot the "Security Question" and "Your Answer", click the "Forgot" button again and enter your serial number or "TRIAL000" that will work for a trial version. It is possible to restore a password by serial number, if you originally left the "Allow to restore forgotten password via the serial number" checkbox marked. If you want to remove a password and leave the program unprotected, you should leave the "New Password" field empty.

  • Restore forgotten password via serial number

  • You can check this checkbox, if you are sure that nobody knows the serial number you got with the program.

  • Working in Invisible Mode

  • It is possible to run CyberSieve in the Invisible mode.

    Although there will be no external sign of CyberSieve functioning, the program will defend your kids, blocking inappropriate content.

    To enable the invisible mode, mark the "Invisible Mode" checkbox and close the Control Panel. Unmarking this checkbox will disable the Invisible mode. After switching into the Invisible Mode, the CyberSieve Control Panel icon will not be visible in the tray menu (near the clock). To open the CyberSieve Control Panel, you should click Start, point to Programs, point to CyberSieve, and then click Control Panel. Or you should click Start, point to Run..., type cscp.exe and press Enter.

  • Time checking interval

  • The program can check if the user has changed the system time, with a periodicity of either 30 sec, 1 min (default) and 2 min. There is also an option of no control at all. The time change monitoring feature will be effective if an administrative password was set up and Timetable and Time Limit features are on.

  • Make short logs

  • A large number of long records is registered into the "Online Activity" log by default. They make the process of reviewing the statistics difficult. If you check the "Make short logs" checkbox, then duplicated records will be excluded from the list. Also, only a host name and 10 following symbols will remain in the "Description" field.

  • Exporting Settings to file

  • It is possible to save your settings including items that you added to lists while you customized your CyberSieve. To export your settings into a temporary XML file, push the "Export" button. You will be asked for the location of this file. You will be asked about saving your settings during un-installation as well.

  • Importing Settings from file

  • To import your previously exported settings, push the "Import" button. You will be asked for the location of this file.

  • Exporting Settings to Web Server

  • It is possible to save your settings to Web Server. To export your settings, push the "Export" button.

  • Importing Settings from Web Server

  • To import your previously exported settings from Web Server, push the "Import" button.

  • Customizing Proxy Server

  • If you connect to the Internet through a proxy server, you should instruct CyberSieve what proxy server name to use for the activation and database update procedures. By default, the program uses the same proxy server settings as for Internet Explorer.
    To customize them, push the "Proxy" button and make the changes. See the chapter "Proxy Server" for more information.

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