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Remote Logs

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Using Remote Logs you can instruct CyberSieve to send logs (a list of visited web sites, news groups, generated warnings e.t.c) from your local computer to the SoftForYou web server, and then to view these logs from any place with the help of a normal web browser. All the details are password protected and will be accessible only to you.

Logs are sent in ‘zipped’ format via HTTP protocol. If you use an HTTP proxy server for your Internet connection, you should instruct CyberSieve to use this HTTP proxy server as well.

Receiving your account for Remote Logs.
After the installation of the 14 day trial version of CyberSieve you can receive a temporary account in order to test the remote logs, which will be accessible to you for the period of 14 days. Use TRIAL000 as a temporary serial number. After purchasing this program, you are required to set up a new, permanent account, based on your new serial number.

If you use the Server Without Filtering you will need to manually type into the program your serial number, which you received after buying the program in order to activate Remote Logs.

In order to receive your account on the SoftForYou server, click on “Get New Account” and in the opened window create the password that you will use in order to view the logs.

Viewing of your logs.
The received logs will be kept on the SoftForYou server for one month from the moment that they are received. You can view the logs from any place, using a standard web browser. In order to view the logs navigate to "" in your browser and type in your login and password.

Testing of you settings.
In order to check that your settings are correct, mark the “Enable Remote Logs” checkbox, and then create a new account on the SoftForYou server. Having clicked on “Get New Account”, choose an appropriate login and password and click on ‘Test’ in order to send the logs from your computer to the server. Please note that, depending on size of the logs and how busy your Internet is, it may require 5 to 10 minutes for the information to appear on the server. We recommend that, before you test your settings, to visit 2 to 3 web pages in order for your logs to contain enough information. If your settings have been entered correctly, then you should see your logs that are in your computer in the browser window. Click on “Online Activity” in order to view the list of viewed web sites.

Restoration of a lost password.
If you have forgotten your login or password, click on ‘Lost Password’ in order to open the page which contains a hint to help you remember it.

The CyberSieve Remote Logs runs as a Windows Service on Win2000, WinXP, Win2003, Vista and Windows 7 operation systems. This allows Remote Logs to be sent even if no user is logged into the system.

      If you connect to the Internet through a proxy server, you should instruct CyberSieve what proxy server name to use for the Remote Logs. See the Customizing Proxy Server chapter for more information.
      If you are using a Personal Firewall, you should add the CyberSieve Remote Logs Module (cssvr.exe from your Windows System directory) into its Trusted Programs List.

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