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Command Line Operations

Importing settings from file using command line:
cscp.exe -import -pwd:admin_password -path:file_path

Exporting settings to file using command line:
cscp.exe -export -pwd:admin_password -path:file_path

admin_password - administrator password to CyberSieve.
file_path - file path without quotes.

cscp.exe -import -pwd:123456 -path:c:/cs.dat
cscp.exe -export -pwd:123456 -path:c:/cs.dat

Activating CyberSieve via the command line:
cscp.exe -serial -sn:your_serial_number

Changing Client's options via the command line.

Synchronization via the Internet:
cscp.exe -pwd:admin_password -sync -type:inet

Synchronization via the local network:
cscp.exe -pwd:admin_password -sync -type:net -server:ip_address

Parameter -pwd can be omitted if there is no password.
Similarly, you can omit the parameter -server.

cscp.exe -pwd:12345678 -sync -type:net -server:
cscp.exe -sync -type:net

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