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CyberSieve Manual

  • Overview of CyberSieve Features

  • Understanding the Location of CyberSieve on Your PC

  • Timetable for On-Line Activity

  • Daily Time Limits

  • Traffic Limits

  • Logs and Charts

  •    - Detailed Information About Internet Resources Used by Your Computer
       - Viewing Statistical Information in the Presentable Form of Charts or Diagrams
  • Users and Groups

  •    - Disabling Filtering
       - Disabling Internet
       - Prohibition Against Using IP Address as URL
       - Group Description
       - Show CyberSieve Warnings
       - Custom Warning
       - Enable Filtering at Startup
       - Enable Strick Filter for Search Engines
       - Forbid Images Section for Search Engines
       - Add New Group and New User
  • Changing CyberSieve Settings

  •    - Main Settings
         - Settings
           - Changing the Administrator's Password
           - Working in Invisible Mode
           - Time Checking Interval
           - Exporting Settings
           - Importing Settings
           - Customizing Proxy Server
         - Enabling Database Auto-Update
         - E-mail Notifications
         - Synchronization Server
         - Remote Logs
         - Proxy Server
       - Internet Filtering
         - Web Sites
         - News Groups
         - Inappropriate Words
         - Exceptions List
         - Replacing Inappropriate Words
         - Programs
         - Ports
  • CyberSieve Client

  • Silent Installation

  • Deploy CyberSieve

  • Command Line Operations

  • Uninstalling CyberSieve From Your Computer

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