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Chronager. Pricing and Upgrade Policy

Single License
Chronager Single PC version is available at $34.95

Buy Now

 Buy 1 Get 3    Only $34.95
 (Buy 1 License and Get 2 Additional Free)

Multiple License Pack
You will need to purchase and install Chronager onto each PC.

2 Licenses   $29.00 each   (17% discount)
3 - 9 Licenses   $22.00 each   (37% discount)
10 - 19 Licenses   $19.00 each   (46% discount)
20 - 49 Licenses   $16.00 each   (54% discount)
50 - 99 Licenses   $14.00 each   (60% discount)
100 - 199   Licenses   $12.00 each   (66% discount)
200 - 299 Licenses   $11.00 each   (69% discount)
300+ Licenses   $10.00 each   (71% discount)

Buy Now

 Buy 3 Get 6    Only $66.00
 Buy 8 Get 12 Only $176.00
 And so on

Program Upgrade
Free one year program upgrades are available to for you after purchasing any Chronager version, including even major new releases.
To upgrade your program, you should simply download the latest version of Chronager software from our web site and install the program on your computer.
After one year you can upgrade your version of the Chronager software for only 50% of the current original price.


Additional Licenses
Customers who decide to buy additional licenses within 3 months of their last purchase of our software can get the advantage of multiple license purchasing. We will calculate the price for additional licenses based upon the number you previously purchased.
Click below to receive your discount.

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