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Internet Schedule

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The Internet offers many educational benefits, but when it is abused it can become a headache for parents.
Chronager allows parents to take control of their child’s Internet use. They can specify the times when the Internet can be accessed, and the times when access will be restricted. In this way, parents can, for example, give their child access to the Internet only at times when they are at home. Chronager enables parents to control when and for how long the Internet can be accessed by each individual user.

  • Setting of the exact times when the Internet can be accessed

  • You can set the exact times in which the Internet can be accessed. Goto ‘Internet Schedule’, click on ‘Timetable’, mark the check box ‘Enable Timetable’ and select the respective time period.

  • Setting daily time limits without specifying the exact times

  • You can limit the amount of time that the Internet can be accessed each week day, whilst not restricting the exact times in which this access is to be allowed. Goto ‘Internet Schedule’, then click on ‘Daily Time Limits’, mark the check box ‘Enable Daily Time Limits’ and set the appropriate period of time.

    Daily Time Limits is set for entire user group.
    Each user spends only his own time.

  • Exceptions List

  • Sometime you need to allow some specific programs to access the Internet without restrictions. For example, you may want to enable your child to have full access to Email. Goto ‘Internet Schedule’, and click on ‘Exceptions List’ and add the required programs to this list. This will instruct Chronager to not control them at all. These programs will have full access to the Internet at all times.

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