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 Computer Schedule

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Computer Schedule

 Screen Shot

Children spend a great deal of their childhood playing on the computer and surfing the web. It is a challenge for parents to maintain a healthy balance between the amount of time their children spend playing on the computer, and the more traditional, often outdoor activities. By limiting the amount of time your child can spend on the computer as a whole, you limit the potential harm that excessive computer use can cause to children and teenagers.
Chronager enables you to control when and for how long the computer as a whole can be used by each individual user.

  • Setting of the exact times when the computer can be accessed

  • You can set the exact times in which the computer can be accessed. Goto 'Computer Schedule', click on 'Timetable', mark the check box 'Enable Timetable' and select the respective time period.

  • Setting daily time limits without specifying the exact times

  • You can limit the amount of time that the computer can be accessed each day, whilst not restricting the exact times in which this access is to be allowed. Goto Computer Schedule, then click on Daily Time Limits, mark the check box Enable Daily Time Limits and set the appropriate period of time.

    Daily Time Limits is set for entire user group.
    Each user spends only his own time.

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