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Overview of Chronager Features

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A parental control software program, Chronager gives parents complete control over their child's use of the computer; It enables parents to control when the computer is used and how it is used, by each individual member of the family.

Chronager gives you control over 5 functions:
  • The computer as a whole: You can set when the computer can be switched on and for now long.

  • The Internet: You can set when the Internet can be accessed and for how long.

  • Programs: You can set which programs can be used, when and for how long.

  • CDís and DVDís: You can set when CDís and DVDís can be used and for how long.

  • Removable disks: You can set when removable disks can be used and for how long.
There are 2 ways to restrict the use of these functions:
  • For each of these functions there is a Timetable, to which you can schedule the time within which each member of your family will have access to that function.

  • For each of these functions there is a Daily Time Limit, enabling you to restrict the amount of time that each member of your family can access a particular function on any given week day, but not restrict when that access is to be allowed.

      After you have made your settings you should set up an administrator password to prevent your settings from being changed by unauthorized persons.

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