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 Computer Schedule

 Internet Schedule

 Programs Schedule

 CD/DVD Schedule

 Removable disks Schedule

 Warnings and Logs

 Customizing Settings

 Uninstalling Chronager

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Warnings and Logs

 Screen Shot

Chronager enables you to monitor any attempts made to access the computer or any of its functions outside of the times allowed by you. Accordingly, you can keep tabs on which programs your child has used, and when and for how long.

  • Warnings Log

  • To access warnings log, click on ‘Warnings & Logs’, then click on ‘Warnings Log’. Here you will find the log of generated warnings and the log of all blocked operations. Accordingly, you can monitor and react to attempts by your child to access the computer and it different functions outside of the allotted time.

  • Programs Activity

  • To access programs activity, click on ‘Warnings & Logs’, then click on ‘Programs Activity’. Here you will find a log of all programs that have been accessed, when and for how long. Accordingly, you can monitor your child’s use of computer programs, and then make any necessary changes to the level of access that he or she has to these programs.

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