Safe web sites for your children

By Jonathan Stromberg

The Internet is an uncensored source of information that has not been designed specifically for children. Exploring the Internet without adult supervision or a filtering program can expose a child to a whole range of sites that are harmful.
There are many sites on the Internet that advocate violence, that are sexually explicit, and that encourage activities that are dangerous or illegal. There are sites that encourage the use of bad language, sites that encourage destructive behavior such as anorexia, and sites that promote racial and religious intolerance and hate.

Some web sites and newsgroups contain information that advocates the use of drugs, tobacco or alcohol. It's even possible to find places on the Internet where you can learn to make bombs or obtain weapons. With a resource as vast and as uncontrolled as the Internet, your child can find almost information that he or she may want.

Fortunately, there are contemporary Internet filters there enable parents to control their child's use of the Internet. The software company is unique in that it offers a whole range of filtering, monitoring and time limiting programs that give parents more control over their computers than ever before.

Internet filtering and parental control software program The filtering program CyberSieve enables you to overcome the difficulties inherent in preventing your child from been exposed to harmful web sites by enabling you to filter out and block sites that you have deemed inappropriate, or conversely, by only letting though specific web sites that you have deemed acceptable.

As part of its program, CyberSieve contains a large and constantly renewed list of harmful sites that it can block automatically. You then may want to let your child have access to all remaining sites to browse though in his or her free time.

To offer even greater protection from harmful sites, you can use CyberSieve to block all websites and allow access only to a selected list of sites. This option can be useful for parents as there are a large number of sites on the web specifically created for children and teenagers.

Nowadays more and more sites are been written especially for children. These sites come in all shapes and sizes, cover a wide variety of topics, and do not contain any pictures, information or language that you would not want your children to be exposed to. Such sites can be a godsend for parents as they enable children to reap the benefits of the Internet, whist not exposing them to harm.
It is important to remember that the Internet can offer children a whole new a world of exciting opportunities and educational possibilities. It is a vast library of information that you can bring into your home and is very easy to use. It can be used by children to help with homework, and also for all kinds of fun and constructive interactive games. It can be used to research information for school projects, to communicate with people from all around the world, and to share resources and ideas with people that have the same interests.

The list below gives an example of some sites that are suitable for children, and teenagers. Below the list is written a description of a couple of the sites, outlining how they can be of benefit to children and/or teenagers.

Safe Web Sites for Children:

The Arthur Page. For Arthur fans everywhere. This site from PBS offers games, stories, and children's art.
Safe web site: Author/illustrator Wood and her husband Don have created an interactive look into the many books they've created. A great site for the Woods' many fans.

The Boomerwolf.
Safe web site: Join the Boomerwolf Detective Agency and help solve a case. Designed for children, this site offers both amusing characters and sound science.

Safe web site: Mix up creatures into a creature of your own! for Kids.
Safe web site: Mysteries to solve, scary stories, magic tricks and contests.

Children's Television Workshop.
Safe web site: Sesame Street in cyberspace, home of the Cookie Monster and other characters of the popular CTW program.

Crayola Home Page.
Safe web site: Activities from the Crayon company.

Safe web site: This award winning site offers educational games for pre-schoolers through elementary school kids.

Safe web site: Games, spelling lessons, learning activities and more.

MagicSchool Bus Page.
Safe web site: Find out what Ms. Frizzle and her class are up to now.

Nick Online.
Safe web site: Nick at Nite, Rugrats, Nick Jr., and lots of fun for all Nick fans!

PBS Kids.
Safe web site: Explore the pages for Mr. Rogers, Arthur, Barney, Sesame Street, and more!

Safe Web Sites for Teenagers:

Safe web site: Links to books, games, news, homework help and more.

Safe web site: A Teen's Resource Center.

Favorite Teenage Angst Books.
Safe web site: Recommended books for Teens.

Safe web site: Guide to Grammar and Writing.

Safe web site: Games, homework help, foreign languages, learning activities and more.

High School Hub.
Safe web site: Everything on one Website - news, history, English, biology, math and much more!

Teenage Mental Health.
Acne Treatment's Guide to Teenage Mental Health - Education, Awareness & Information.

The safe web site for children listed above at: provides fun user-friendly quality online learning activities. Quiz Hub members have access to hundreds of online interactive learning quizzes that help enhance their knowledge of English language arts, foreign languages (French, German, Italian, Spanish), maths, science, and social studies.
Children can use the Quiz Hub to:
- have fun while learning stuff
- review for class and state exams
- score higher on the verbal SAT
- prepare for academic competitions

The safe web site for teenagers listed above at: is a fantastic place for teenagers to go to who have an interest in reading. Here, teens can learn about great books that young people enjoy. There are book reviews, interviews with authors and a monitored message board for teens to share their impressions about books. Such a site is a great compliment to a teens reading career, and can help them develop their interest to a greater level.

CyberSieve gives the parent the power to be able to search though such web sites, choose which ones they would like their children to use, and then enable their children access to those sites and those sites only. This is a fail-safe filtering mechanism, as no matter how hard your child might try, there is no way he or she would be able to access any other site on your home computer.

The following link
is a mini search engine of web sites that have satisfied certain criteria and are deemed suitable for kids. Sites are listed into subject categories such as 'Dinosaurs,' 'Science experiments,' and 'Favourite children's stories.' The sites are also graded according to exactly which age group they are suitable for.

CyberSieve can be used to allow access to such a site, whilst blocking out all other sites that are available on the Internet, and so keeping your computer completely free from undesirable material.

If you are concerned about your child having access to some parts of the Internet, but would like your child to benefit from its educational and genuinely recreational aspects, then CyberSieve enables you to make the positive step of allowing access exclusively to an number of credible sites, rather than just filtering out what sites are considered bad, and allowing access to all others. Henceforth CyberSeive's powerful filtering system gives the maximum protection to your home computer and your children. Further details can be found at

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