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By Jonathan Stromberg

Monitoring children with software is a complicated affair. Different commercially available software programs offer widely varying monitoring possibilities. The best monitoring programs will offer a range of features, which I will describe in this article.

The best monitoring software gives you the ability to monitor from a distance in real time from any computer with an Internet connection.
Remote monitoring means that you do not need to have physical access to the computer that you want to monitor, and means that you can monitor your children no matter where you are; in another room, at work or away on a business trip.

The presence of advanced distance monitoring system in software means that you will be always in the know of how your child is using the Internet. Even if you are on the other side of the world, you can check on a computer to make sure that he or she is not abusing his or her computer time.
It means that as a parent, you no longer have to wait until you get home from work to find out what your children have been doing on the Internet. Or, if you have to be away on business, you don't have to wait days or weeks to find out what your children has been getting up to on-line. The advantages of being able to remotely monitor are numerous. Parents particularly appreciate the ability to be able to keep a check on their children from a distance. In a world where so much, often useless, information is available at your fingertips, the ability to receive reports about your child's computer use seems only natural.

Monitoring software keeps a log of and detailed information about the Internet resources used by your computer. Such information might be the number of kilobytes that have been up/downloaded by your computer or a detailed history of sites and pages that have been visited from your computer.
There are a large number of problems associated with children and the Internet. It is a source of a large amount of easily accessible inappropriate material, and it gives children the unprecedented possibility to interact with an unlimited number of unknown people, not all of who may have benign intentions.
By monitoring the activity of your child on the Internet, you can then effectively manage their use, thus helping you to prevent your child from being exposed to the less salubrious aspects of it.

Quality monitoring software collates logs about program activity, such as instant messenger programs and games.
Computer games can lead to many problems for parents who are concerned about the amount of time their children spend on the computer, and its possible effects. They are extremely popular amongst modern day children and teenagers, and it is not uncommon for a child to spend many hours a day playing games. When they are played intensively over a long period of time, they are though to harm a child's development. Because of this, monitoring program activity is a must for parents, as they can then more effectively deal with the issue.

A further feature of quality monitoring software, is that it enables you to view the collated statistical information in the form of clear charts and diagrams.

Program for Monitoring Internet use CyberSieve is an Internet filtering and monitoring program from the SoftForYou company, that has incorporated within it all of the monitoring features as described above. The outstanding feature of CyberSieve is its remote monitoring function. As described above, this means that parents can keep tabs on the computer activity of their children no matter where you are. It works by sending the logs from your local computer, to the SoftForYou web server. These received logs will be kept on the SoftForYou server for one month from the moment that they are received, and you can view these logs from any place with the help of a normal web browser. All the details are password protected and are accessible only by you.

The CyberSieve monitoring system collates logs of on-line activity, including a full list of web sites visited from your computer. Also you will get a separate list of visited news groups.

CyberSieve monitoring system collates logs of program activity, including when the program was accessed, the duration of access and the amount of data that has been uploaded and downloaded by each program.

CyberSieve gives you the ability to review statistical information gathered during Internet activity in the presentable form of charts or diagrams. The program builds these images based on the information in the log files after some preliminary processing and statistical analysis.

In addition to the monitoring features as described above, CyberSieve collates a warnings log. This means that you can get a list of sites that have been blocked by CyberSieve, a list of inappropriate words that have been found by CyberSieve during data up/downloading that resulted in an operation cancel, and a list of programs, new groups and Internet sites that have been blocked.

CyberSieve is a high quality remote monitoring software program. To find out more about how it can be of benefit to you and you family, please go to

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