Remote monitoring of your child

By Jonathan Stromberg

In order to combat the ever rising tide of websites that can be unsuitable for children and teenagers, the sales of filtering software has soured in recent years.

Filtering software is used not only by parents who are concerned about what there children can be exposed to on the net. There are filters available for every type of use. Whilst parents want software which prevents children from gaining access to inappropriate websites, network administrators can use them to control how computers are used in public places such as libraries, and, most importantly, schools.

Libraries in particular are big buyers of such software, so that, for instance, unsuitable images can't be uploaded that could then be seen by a passer.
There are hundreds of advantages to Internet filters. For many people in today's world they have become indispensable. Filtering companies are constantly developing their software, and the better ones are continuously bringing out new programs to keep up with market trends and requirements.

Remote monitoring is one of the latest features inherent in good quality filtering programs.
Remote monitoring means that you do not need to have physical access to the computer that you want to monitor. It means that as a parent, you no longer have to wait until you get home from work to find out what your children have been doing on the Internet. Or, if you have to be away for business, you don't have to wait days or weeks to find out what your children has been getting upto online. The advantages of being able to remotely monitor are numerous. Parents particularly appreciate the ability to be able to keep a check on their children from a distance. In a world where so much, often useless, information is available at your fingertips, the ability to receive reports about your child's computer use seems only natural.

Program for Monitoring Internet use The SoftForYou software company has recently brought out a new program called CyberSieve. This product is an advancement on SoftForYou’s previous program iProtectYou, as it has a remote monitoring function. As previously described, more and more parents are considering this to be a necessary feature of their filtering software, and consequently the demand for this program is very high.

CyberSieve has a wide range of monitoring capabilities. It logs all websites visited by the computer user (supporting all the popular browsers: AOL, IE, Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, e.t.c,) and allows you to view a list of visited web sites. CyberSieve logs all Internet connections made and attempted by the user. Hence it is possible to monitor what games your child has played, when and for how long. Also you can monitor your child's entry into blog creation sites, and keep a track of any blog site that your child may create for himself. CyberSieve allows for both sides of chat conversations (ICQ, MSN, Yahoo!, AOL e.t.c) to be controlled.

The SoftForYou software company is invaluable for parents who are concerned about which websites their children visit while they are at work. Using CyberSieve, parents can get detailed reports to their office computer and respond to threats in seconds, preventing their children from being exposed to sexually explicit, obscene and violent Internet content. SoftForYou Internet filtering and parental control software programs meet the needs of parents, businesses, schools and libraries. Remote monitoring is just one of the many functions provided by SoftForYou’s ever expanding range of software.
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